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The "Bushwacker" was designed and handcrafted to dominate topwater fishing! Right off the bat you notice the unique bend ahead of the weight which puts the bait and hook deeper in the strike zone! That drop also aids in the action of the bait  by placing it out the turbulent water of the blade and keeping the bushwacker running truly upright, not rolling on it's side. Now the reason you can hear the bushwacker a mile away, It's all in the alignment of the blade  to the striking ball, which sends out a distinct wacking gurgling sound. Couple that sound with a bubble trail and you'll drive any fish crazy! Plus the Neighbors!!


Locally owned in Arkanasas!


Brazalo Custom Lures Bushwacker Buzzbait



1/4 oz

3/8 oz

Brazalo Custom Lures Bushwacker Buzzbait

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