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3-SPD was designed with our unique appendage that gives off a quick snapping thump vibration like a fleeing bait fish while not having an easy tear point. We also took in account that not all action needs to be at high speeds so the 3-SPD was designed to have action at a very slow retrieve. That means the 3-SPD will last longer while going through heavy vegitation and the gears!


1st: Leave the appendage attached together for a dead action that can be fished during cool water condtions where that timider bass will make his first strike.


2nd: Tear the appendage for exhilarating action that can be felt through the rod tip.


3rd: Delete all togther with using the ribs as a guide for length and o ring lock points for a killer wacky rig.


Techniques: Texas, Carolina, Wacky, shacky, Neko, and weightless (holds steady kick as a topwater)


6.25" 3-SPD-Watermelon Candy-Soft Plastics Fishing Lure - Worm


Acrawfic Scented



6.25" (10 per pack)

6.25" 3-SPD-Watermelon Candy-Soft Plastics Fishing Lure - Worm

    • Our blend of plastisol has outstanding durability
    • Life Like Action
    • Non-Toxic

Free Shipping On Orders Over $50(*excludes custom orders & Canada)

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