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4" & 5" Design with a lateral line fin to capture more light in dark murky waters but also makes those colors pop in clear water on sunny days. With its live action tail it’s shot in our naturally buoyant plastisol which makes it great for Texas, ned and killer as a neko rig. The body even with the lateral fin we made sure it would hold an O-ring for an incredible wacky rig action with any finesse weight you choose. And last but not least we even considered it while designing the Hot Shot, we always think versatility, the use of it behind any style jig and vibrating jigs because the tail just wants to move!


Acrafic Scented



4"  (12 per bag)

5" (10 per bag)

Hot Shot-Swamp Juice

    • Our blend of plastisol has outstanding durability
    • Life Like Action
    • Non-Toxic

Free Shipping On Orders Over $50(*excludes custom orders & Canada)

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